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Chemistry is the foremost of all biological sciences that focused in Drug Designing, Environmental monitoring, Forensic science and Plant science. Basically Chemistry is referred to as central science due to its tendency to connect with the other disciplines namely, Physics, Biology, Geology etc., by the study of interaction of chemical substances with one another and its energy. Chemistry primarily deals with composition, statistical properties of their structure and its transformation to become materials encountered in every aspect of life. Chemistry gives path to scientists, chemists and people working in pollution control and quality control board, drug designing, e-journalist and so on. Future developments in areas of key importance for the progress in Polymer, Material science, Biomaterials and Bimolecular electronics, Nano magnetism, Nano oxides, Liquid crystals, Automation in clinical sciences and Molecular simulation of green solvents.


The staff and the students of the Dept of Chemistry will strive together to achieve and maintain high academic standards through sustained, hard and creative work in teaching, learning, research and extension work in an atmosphere of mutual respect and healthy human relationship to cause the holistic development of students.


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