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Admission is going on for U.G and P.G courses. Scholarship offered for students. Art, Craft, Embrodiary, Beautician, Cooking Classes are offered.

Vision & Mission

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Bharathi Women’s Arts and Science College has set achievable goals for the student community.
  • To make them question and develop curiosity and thereby gain knowledge
  • Develop a scientific temperament through practical exercises
  • Provide platform for their creative thinking
  • Aid in developing their leadership abilities through Seminars and Conferences
  • Encourage them to pursue higher education
The Faculty work in harmony with the students.
  • They help in the development of their character
  • Counsel and guide them and gradually infuse values of life
  • Encourage out-of-the-box thinking
  • Collaborate with industries and help students to link what they study with real life situations, to make their learning stronger


To provide quality education which would make learning effective. Education should be such that the student should be motivated to pursue higher studies. All learning should be for the betterment of the learner and the society around them. Education received should make the student a humane individual, who excels not only in academics but would understand the finer aspects of life. The teaching and learning community should work together to achieve effective and achievable goals.


Bharathi College aims to mould the students to go out as conscious citizens with concern. To help this happen the faculty and the administration works symbiotically. A creative atmosphere helps in the students to think and make their learning effective. Every students ability is taken into consideration for him/her to grow in his/her field of capability. An atmosphere of learning with a supportive environment will certainly help the teacher and the taught.